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Thursday, February 10, 2005

Morning Comments

I added a clock to my blog last night. Do you like it? Personally, I think I might take it down. I don't want this site to become too crowded with junk. I don't know that a clock is really useful. I mean, most of us have computer clocks at the bottom right hand side of our computer screens. For those who are interested, you can click on the clock and it will take you to the website that I got it from.

Also, if you follow this blog at all, you can see that I have been adding a lot of links lately. Eventually I would like to have a page dedicated to links with a description of each link. Sometime when I have some time I'll work on that.

I'm going to finish up my taxes today. We should be getting a sizeable refund. We had a baby last year and she impacted our taxes in a positive way (however, I'm sure we still spent more in diapers!). All I can say is God bless tax software. I wouldn't even want to attempt my taxes the "old" paper way.

Have a great day!