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Wednesday, August 17, 2005

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Last Update: Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Blogger does not offer categorization so I have to do it manually. Also, you can use the Google Search box to search for specific topics on AllThingsFinancial. I have used it a couple of times and it works pretty good. More changes are coming.

Buying a Home (Mortgages)

The True Cost of an Interest-Only Mortgage
Comparing 15, 30, and 40-Year Mortgages
Beware of Interest-Only Mortgages

College Planning

College Funding Math - Part IV
College Funding Math - Part III
College Funding Math - Part II
College Funding Math - Part I
Paying for College via Income Shifting

Debt Management

Is There Such a Thing as Good Debt?

Financial Planning Basics

Understanding the Time Value of Money
How to Calculate the Present Value of an Annuity
How to Calculate Annualized Rate of Return
Twelve Key Elements of Practical Personal Finance
How Much Life Insurance do You Need?
Financial Planning Basics - The Net Worth Statement
Net Worth Statement - Part II
Net Worth Statement - Part III
Net Worth Statement - Part IV
Net Worth Statement - Part V
Financial Planning Basics - The Cash Flow Statement
Cash Flow Statement - Part II
Analyzing Your Financial Statements with Ratios
Analyzing Your Financial Statements with Ratios - Part II

Getting Started

Why it is Important to Start Saving When You Are Young


A Look Back at Index Returns
The Importance of Understanding Objectives When Investing


Trusts & IRAs - Part 2
IRS Publication 590
Trusts & IRAs
Make Sure Your IRA Can be Stretched
Stretch a Small Roth IRA
Facts About the Roth IRA
Should You Leave Your 401(k) With Your Company?
The Beauty of a Stretch IRA - An Example
Stretching an IRA
You Still Have Time to Make an IRA Contribution for 2004
The Beauty of a Roth IRA

Kids & Money

Great Resources for Kids
Roth IRAs for Kids
Teaching Kids About Business and Investing


Are Hybrid Vehicles Worth it?

Mutual Funds

What's a Wrap Account
Understanding Mutual Fund Fees
Questions to Ask Your Broker
Questions to Ask Your Broker Before You Buy a Load Fund
How Does an A-Share Mutual Fund Work?
Kiplinger's Mutual Fund Guide


Model Portfolios
How to Calculate Personal Rate or Return When Dollar-Cost Averaging

Retirement Planning

Ten Steps to a Richer Retirment
Are Americans Ready for Retirement
The Penalty of Starting Late