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Thursday, March 03, 2005

Congrats to my Fellow Bloggers

Today's Fiscally Fit column in the Wall Street Journal talked about personal finance blogs. The blogs featured were:

The Budgeting Babe
PF Blog
Neville's Blog
My Money Blog
The Savvy Saver Blog

Normally, I would be jealous of the fact that my lovely little blog wasn't mentioned. But, once I read the article I realized that my blog didn't really fit the defitinion of what she (Terri Cullen) was looking for. In her article, she talked about how these bloggers put personal information up on their blog. So far, I have not been that bold.

Oh well, maybe next time. I'm just happy for my fellow bloggers. I figure any publicity for personal finance blogs is a good thing.

For those interested, PF Blog has a link to the article that is good for seven days.