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Tuesday, May 24, 2005

The Great Summer Job Experiment

First I want to thank the Unknown Professor and Neville for their comments on this topic. After watching my boys sell popcorn for the Cub Scouts, I know that they are salesmen at heart. In fact, they are way better salesmen than I ever was. Anyway, here's what they found out yesterday:

There are 281 houses in our part of town. We made a map and I drew the boundaries as to how far they could go to look for business. Since we live in the middle of a decent sized town, I didn't want them running all over the place. Also, by knowing how many houses are their "target market" they can control printing costs for their brochures.

Today, I'll help them get their brochures made. We'll probably use Microsoft Publisher 2003 and I'll add a picture of the boys with their dog.

My goal, as their dad, is to help them learn about sales and how to run a business and to have a productive summer instead of them laying around the house wasting time. Who knows, maybe they will make enough to start Roth IRAs. Maybe I'm taking this a bit too far...

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