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Saturday, April 30, 2005

Where's a Good Place to Put Your Cash - May Update

On March 15th, I listed several banks that paid some of the highest interest rates on savings accounts. Here's the updated list along with links to the banks.
      Bank Money-Market Accounts
UFB Direct 3.30% $ 1
Emigrant Bank 3.25% 1
Capital One FSB 3.15% 100
Resource Bank 3.04% 10,000
National InterBank 3.00% 200
Taxable Money-Market Funds
Scudder Money Market Series Premium S 2.86% 2,500
PayPal Money Market Fund 2.80% 1
Scudder Money Market P.S.R - AARP 2.21% 10,000
Transamerica Premier Cash Reserve Inv. 2.15% 1,000
Vanguard Prime Money Market Fund 2.13% 3,000
Tax-Exempt Money Market Funds
Alpine Municipal Money Market Fund Inv. 2.86% 2,500
Vanguard Tax-Exempt Money Market Fund 2.65% 3,000
Strong Tax-Free Money Fund 2.12% 2,500
Scudder Tax Exempt Money Fund 2.34% 1,000

Fidelity Municipal Money Market Fund 1.47% 5,000

Some of these funds may have sales loads. Be sure to thoroughly read the fine print before you send them your money.