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Tuesday, May 03, 2005


I started messing around with Blogshares, which is a blog directory and also a blog trading game. It is a LOT OF FUN! If you don't have an account with Blogshares, go set one up. Then you can buy "shares" in your favorite blogs. As the blogs grow in popularity, your investment will grow. So far, here's what I "own:"

 # of                       Price per
Shares Blog Share Total
500 AllThingsFinancial 552.27 $276,135.00
1250 Irregular Payments 0.66 $825.00
1250 MyMoneyBlog 73.47 $91,837.50
1250 StocksorBonds 1.12 $1,400.00
250 BudgetingBabe 374.55 $93,637.50
150 WealthyBlogger 92.59 $13,888.50
1250 WealthToday 0.33 $412.50

Anyway, go check out Blogshares.