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Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Home Financial Files - Organizing Your Finances - Part III

This is a continuation of a series I started a couple of weeks ago. Here are links to the other two posts in the series:

Part I

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Use this checklist to gather infromation. Give a copy of the list and the relevant documents to whoever will be handling your affairs.

  • Conformed copy of will. Original is held by:________________

  • Copy of any other testamentary document (such as letter of instruction)

  • Signed copy of power of attorney/durable power of attorney

  • Signed copy of medical durable power of attorney/helath care proxy

  • Signed ocpy of living will

Instructions in the event of death
  • Funeral instrustions. Do you with cremation, memorial service, and/or funural with open or closed casket?

  • Special information in death notice in newspaper. Papers to contact.

  • Instructions regarding memorial gifts:

    • Cemetery name:

    • Address:

    • Plot number:

    • Location of deed to plot:

  • People/institutions to contact:

    • Employer:

    • Lawyer

    • Insurance agent:

    • Mortgage holder:

    • Social Security office:

Important notes: There should be only one signed copy of a will. If you change law firms, have the original attorney send the will to his or her successor. But your health care agent should have a signed copy of the health care proxy and living will.

A safe deposit box is sealed when the bank learns of the owner's death, so the will - and any other papers that may be needed immediately after death - should be left elsewhere. Spouses with separate boxes should not keep each other's wills in them in the event of death in a common accident.

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