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Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Sorry for the Lack of Blogging

I have been really busy today. We have a fair coming up in October and I am on a committee in charge of finding volunteers to help park cars. It's a lot of fun trying to get people to volunteer their time. Anyway, my mission this week is to fill 20 slots and so far I only have 3 filled. Wish me luck.

UPDATE: Here are my calling stats from yesterday (Monday):

49 Dials
18 Not Available
13 Left Messages
13 No - They can't or won't be able to volunteer
3 Yes - They will volunteer
2 Maybe - They have to check their schedules (I'm not optimistic)

Considering that I am working off a membership roster (that is full of names of men that understand that this is a volunteer organization), these numbers stink. I hope I do much better today. Based on those numbers, I have a 6.12% "closing rate" (3/49 = .0621). In order to find 20 volunteers, I need to make 327 calls (20/.0612 = 327).

I have some good stuff in mind for this blog. Stay tuned...