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Friday, August 05, 2005

My 26.4 Cents!

Okay, this is going to expose the "weird" side of me. My friends who read this blog (all 2 of them!) are already familiar with my sense of humor. Those of you who aren't, please forgive me.

I was just commenting on SavvySaver's blog about the subject of school uniforms. Anyway, at the end of my comment I wrote "That's my $.08 (adjusted for inflation)." Then I got to thinking: what is "our $.02 really worth once it is adjusted for inflation?

Surely we must adjust this to show the effects of inflation. Otherwise, our opinions become more and more worthless with each passing year. Nobody wants that! So, the question becomes what is our two cents really worth?

When did the saying "that's my $.02," start? What year? Let's say it started in 1930 (I really have no idea but I need a base year). If we assume an inflation rate of 3.5% for opinions, then our $.02 is becomes our $.264! Wow! Now instead of saying "that's my two cents," we should be saying "that's my twenty-six point four cents."

This is going to completely change the world. Every December the Opinion Research Foundation will have to make an upward adjustment so that we have an accurate measure of our opinions.