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Sunday, February 13, 2005

Shopping for Kid's Clothes

I hate shopping for clothes. We went to Dillards yesterday to see if we could take advantage of their Winter mark-down. Usually, they will put almost all of their winter clothes at 75% off. When you have three kids, you go for the sales. I guess they haven't got to that point yet because yesterday all I saw was 50% off on most items. We didn't buy much of anything which means we will HAVE TO GO BACK! That means I'll have to spend another huge portion of a weekend at the mall.

The hardest part about buying clothes now for next year is guessing how big your kids are going to be then. It is really hard with babies. By this fall, who knows how big she'll be. The older boys are somewhat easier to buy for. You can pretty much estimate that they'll be in the next biggest size.

The impact of 75% off sales is huge. I think last year we bought $800 worth of clothes for around $200. You can't beat that.