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Friday, March 25, 2005


Although I try to guard my main email address, somehow some jerk got it and is now sending me all kinds of spam. I have to say that spam has to be the biggest waste of time for all involved. I have NEVER purchased a product or service as the result of spam and I NEVER will.
Somebody must be buying stuff as a result from spam or we wouldn't have spam. Right?

So, here's my plead to all my readers:

1. IGNORE spam.
2. Don't open the emails.
3. Don't click on any links.
4. Don't try to "unsubscribe" because they will then know that it is a working email address.
5. Just simply delete it and forget it.

Any other suggestions are welcome. Also, I haven't tried any of the spam-filtering software programs. If any of my readers have had experiences with the software programs, please let us know your thoughts.