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Friday, July 01, 2005

Wells Fargo's New Online Bill Pay

Wells Fargo updated their online bill pay program. It is really nice now. It has a couple of new features that I really like.

1. With the old system, I had to log on to the Bill Pay account, select the accounts that I wanted to pay, then go to another screen to actually pay them. The new system has all the accounts listed on one page with places for you to enter how mcuh you want to pay. So, you can type in the amounts beside each account and then hit the submit button when you are ready. It gets rid of one step, which is very nice.

2. The second new feature is on the checking account page. When reviewing transactions, if there is a check number, you can click on the view icon and it will show you a copy of the actual check! That is really cool. No more hunting for those duplicates.

Wells Fargo's Bill Pay costs $6.95 per month. They are running a special right now where you can get the first two months free. But, you better decide whether or not you want to pay the $6.95 per month before you sign up because I think it would be a major hassle to switch services.

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