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Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Off the Topic of Personal Finance: JLP Asks...

What are some good books to read to boys in the 8-10 year-old category?

I enjoy reading to my boys. I'll read to my daughter as soon as she quits trying to eat the books! Anyway, over the last couple of years we have read:

1. The Mouse and the Motorcycle - Beverly Cleary
2. The Mayor of Central Park - Avi
3. Captain John Paul Jones - Ronald Syme
4. Mystery of the Midnight Message - Florence Parry Heide
5. Mystery of the Silver Tag - Florence Parry Heide
6. The Hidden Box Mystery - Florence Parry Heide
7. Mystery of the Vanishing Visitor - Florence Parry Heide
8. Mystery of the Mummy's Mask - Florence Parry Heide
9. Adventure of the Elements - Richard James III
10. Mystery of the Lonely Lantern - Florence Parry Heide
11. Henry Reed, Inc. - Keith Robertson
12. The Book of Virtues for Young Readers - Edited by William Bennett
13. Henry Reed's Baby-Sitting Service - Keith Robertson
14. J.C. Penney - Golden Rule Boy -
15. Thomas Paine - Common Sense -
16. The Book of Proverbs from the Bible (we are reading from the New Living Translation)

I have really enjoyed reading to them and I think they enjoy it too. I'm also learning cool things like:

Did you know that Thomas Paine was the FIRST person to ever use the term "The United States of America?"

Did you know that Thomas Paine received no compensation for writing Common Sense? He had all his profits from the book donated to the American cause for Freedom. Now that is a true Patriot and someone I want my kids to know about.

Do any of you read to your kids? If so, what do you read to them? Any recommendations?