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Wednesday, June 01, 2005

How NOT to be Poor - Some Advice

Tom McMahon posted a link to an article written by Walter Williams about how not to be poor. The advice is so simple. Who knows, maybe that is the problem for a lot of people: they try to make things harder than they really are!

It reminds me of when I tell my kids to clean their room. They would rather spend 30 minutes standing in the middle of the room crying about how hard it is to clean their room instead of just cleaning it. I mean, it's not hard. You start by picking up one thing and putting it away. Then you pick up another thing and put it away. Eventually you see a little progress and you start to feel better and that progress actually helps motivate you to get the job done.

It is much the same way with building wealth. You have to start somewhere. If you are so discouraged that you don't do anything, you will never get started. One year from now you will still be in the same shape. So, instead of complaining about your situation, do something about it!


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